Mar 20, 2012

Birthday Blossoms

A little over a week ago I took this picture of some buds on the Cherry Blossom tree in my front yard. I planned to post a progression of their development.

Just one week later, this past weekend, they looked like this. I took this picture after hearing reports that they were revising the dates for the expected peak of the blossoms.

And now look at them!

And that's just the show in my front yard. Judging by that, the display around the tidal basin must be spectacular. Just in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival which started today. It's their centennial. And in honor of their centennial I have more blossom shots this week.


Manise said...

Beautiful! What a way to usher in the first day of Spring! I love cherry blossoms and the sound of the bees that are drawn to them.

Carole Knits said...

Sigh. I was hoping I'd get to see the cherry blossoms this year. Figures they are early!