Mar 7, 2012

Moving Parts

There's an expression in vogue right now that describes my life quite well. To say that there are a lot of "moving parts" is an understatement of the highest order. It seems that nothing stands still.

My baby is in constant motion. She crawls after me all around the house and cruises along all the furniture. She even follows me with her voice and eyes. As we drive home from daycare she does a version of call-and-response where she laughs then I laugh then she laughs differently then I repeat it. Sometimes she mimics me instead. And when we get home she is leaning forward as far as the straps of her cars eat will allow to see me come release her.

Perhaps nobody is on the move as much as DQ who is street legal as of last Saturday. I'm not sure that she'll ever be home again. I am surprised, no - shocked, at the number of folks that are only too willing to let her take their children places in the car. I know and trust her more than anyone and I still get nervous when she drives her sister places. She's a new teen driver. Those 3 words strung together ought to give anyone pause and yet, a few parents are already expecting her to give their kids rides places. Am I missing something?

Not to be left out, Stinkette is quite busy too. It's softball season again! She is on a select team again this year but it's a little more intense. They've got fancier uniforms and more strenuous practices. I'll be there on the sidelines watching Miss M while I crochet kippot and knit sweaters. I'm back on track with the kippot so I'm rewarding myself with a new baby sweater.

RedSweater for who 1
It's not for Miss M. In fact, I'm not sure exactly who it's for. I'm not sure how to explain this so that it makes sense to anyone but me but here's an abbreviated version of the logic involved.

I want to make Miss M a certain very colorful sweater but I couldn't get the color selections ironed out. I also want to make a sweater as a baby gift for one of my cousins. My preference would be to make a cardiganized version of the twisted tree sweater but I'm not sure i can get it right so I need to ponder that. So I found another interesting but not earth shaking pattern which will look good in this lovely red Cascade 220 and I'm making it while I ponder the other sweaters. And if the cardiganized sweater I really want to make for my cousin doesn't work then I'll have this as back up.

Does that make sense to anybody but me?

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Carole Knits said...

It makes perfect sense to me but I'm another knitter so I think that's why. Hannah still doesn't have her license but I remember being very very nervous about letting her get rides with her newly licensed friends a few years back. Yikes! Your girl is level headed, though, and she will do just fine.