Mar 30, 2012

ECF - Nine Month Old Edition

Yesterday Miss M was 9 months old. Time really flies.


I won't bore you with the height and weight stuff. Only parents find that interesting. But she's changed in so many other ways over the past month. She's got 3 teeth now (ouch) and she still figuring them out. She crawls pretty fast and cruises on all the furniture. She climbs over and under anything that gets in her way. She is not interested in walking yet but I'm sure she'll get there soon. She just needs to be able to balance.


Our girl is sweet and smily and in pretty good spirits most of the time. No talking yet but she babbles and skreeches and makes all kinds of sounds.

She loved her first trip to the library.


margene said...

She's grown up so quickly! And, she's a doll!

Carole Knits said...

Seeing photos of Marissa always makes me smile! She's just so flipping cute. And I'm glad she loves the library already!