Jan 2, 2013

Hats Tested and Claimed

I have many obsessions and quite a few of them are knit related.  I can get lost considering yarns and patterns for hours.  One of the newest incarnations of the obsession is the test knitting groups.  I really don't know why, but helping a fellow knitter to get a pattern right and, of course, getting the first crack at it, is a kick.  I think that there's something about the deadlines too.  I'm a bit better under pressure.


This isone of my most recent test knits.  It's the Cable Fantasy Hat by Natalie Volyanyuk.  It was a nice quick knit.  I used some Dream in Color Classy in a color with a fabulous name - In Vino Veritas.  The pattern and the yarn played very well together.

There was a moment when I thought the outcome of this project might not be a happy one.  Immediately after casting off this hat barely hit my ears!  Ooops.  But I trusted in the designer and just gave it a nice, long, soak before blocking it hard on an inflated balloon.


In the end it turned out perfectly.  It fits snugly and just covers the ears.  It's such a nice hat that when in asked Stinkette to model it she fell hard and absconded with it.  It has been claimed for now and forever.


Manise said...

Cute hat! I'm on a hat kick too- just finished Norie. Fortunately no-one in my house is jonesing for it.

Carole said...

That pattern adds some real interest to the hat - I love it! And good for you for helping with test knitting. I don't love those deadlines so I shy away from doing that.