Jan 15, 2013

Not Qualified

Today's topic is 10 Tips for Sticking With Your Fitness Routine.  Since I don't actually have a fitness routine and I'm unlikely to start one anytime soon this really isn't a topic I can write about.

So back I go to the list of unposted knits.  Today I've got a pair of cute little mittens I made for Miss M.  They were inspired by our trip to New York over Thanksgiving when we went for a walk on a super windy day.  Thats when I realized that My sweet girl had no mittens or gloves yet.  What kind of mom let's her baby go out with cold hands?  Even worse, what kind of knitter?


I loved the idea of making Miss M some cute little mittens.  The pattern (this one) suggests making three mittens just in case one gets lost.  Such a great idea. So I decided to make a pink stripe on one, two pink stripes on the next and three on the third. Terribly original. Right?

Well, it turns out that my toddler is growing faster than I thought and these mittens barely fit her.  I don't know if she has big hands or what.  I have found another pattern for little kid mittens and I was all set to make them for her right away but then the weather got warm... and it's stayed that way.  It's January and it should be mitten weather but it's really not.  Thankfully these mittens were really fast to make so if the weather should become more seasonable I should be able to whip up a pair of cute mittens fast.

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Carole Julius said...

They are cute - and at least she didn't lose them! Sorry the topic wasn't good for you this week.