Jan 30, 2013

Little Feet

I'm still not finished posting stuff I finished at the end of last year. I'm getting closer though.


The last time I made slippers for my girls was about 5 years ago. Since then they grew a bit and our family added more little girls who needed warm feet. What's a knitter to do?


I found a different pattern to use this time and I love it. Little Duffers by Mindie Tallack is so easy and quick and the result is so satisfying.  The yarn is KP Wool of the Andes for the soles and KP Chroma for the tops.

Both pairs of slippers turned out to be fraternal but for different reasons.  The red & yellow is fraternal because one was knit from the outside of the ball and the other from the center. The other one is fraternal because the repeat is way too long for the size I was knitting.  I love them anyway.  Who needs matchy, matchy slippers.


At this point you may ask why there are 2 pairs.  Which 2 children are they for?  Both of them are fro Miss M.  The yellow were the first try which were too big and the pink/blue/green are just perfect. Her feet will grow.


So I added some cute shapes and swirls to the soles in puffy paint for traction.  It doesn't hurt that thy add a little extra cuteness.


Now I just need to get Miss M to keep them on her feet.
And neither the parade of finished objects nor the display of slippers ends here. There are, as they always say, plenty more where those came from.


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Those are adorable, especially with the puffy painted soles. Though of course it is the model that really makes them sing!

Carole Julius said...

Those are really cute and the puff paint is the perfect addition!