Jan 9, 2013

Holiday 2012 in a Hat

For today's post we'll return to the pile of finished objects from the end of last year.  This one was a gift.  One of the few I made during the holidays.


The pattern is Everglade by Woolly Wormhead knit up in Cascade 220. I gave it to my sister but I think my niece may have swiped it.  That's the rumor anyway. 

But the reason I made it for my sister is that she pretty much asked for it.  During our recent Indiana trip I went for a little walk around Bloomington one day with my sister and, happily if not surprisingly, it included a stop at a yarn store.  My sister is not a knitter or a lover of yarn in general but she indulged me.


As I started to feel those familiar "must knit" feelings my sister was admiring the samples. She commented that she'd really love a great, slouchy, hat.  Who wouldn't?  Even if you, like me, don't really look great in hats there is something about pulling one down over your ears on a cold winter day. Right?


The resulting hat is a win.  The pattern is well written and dead-simple.  I probably spent way more time considering the yarn and pattern choice than knitting it up.  After a good soak and a wee bit of blocking to open up the lacy bits this hat was perfect. 

I hope that it keeps my sister (or my niece) nice and warm.


Carole Julius said...

It looks great and if it keeps your sister happy and warm then that's excellent!

Anonymous said...

I do so love my hat! And it's even better since you made it. And I not so much as asked as you so eagerly offered...what, you--knit?