Apr 12, 2007

ECF - Blueberry Bud Edition

I'm pretty sure that I've posted similar shots before but I never get tired of these.

Blueberry Buds - 2007

I can't wait until these bushes to bear fruit. This year I'm planning to add strawberries to this bed just as soon as Spring finally arrives. Yum!

Thanks for all of the support regarding my work related angst. It's an ongoing situation that I try to keep off the blog but on occasion it unavoidably intrudes. I apologize. It's nice that you all find it normal to keep a skein of yarn on my desk (on very rare occasions) but I suspect that most people would find it quite odd. Clearly they don't understand the in's and outs of fiber addiction.

Have a great weekend!


Cursing Mama said...

Now I'm wondering if I have room for blueberry bushes - probobly not.

Carole Knits said...

Yarn on the desk seems normal to me - but I'm probably not the best person to judge. Have a great weekend, Hillary!

Melissa said...

I can't wait to see some berries!! : )

Carol said...

I think yarn on a desk is quite OK. Isn't it? it's nice to hear the little one is reading so well! Once they start...my older one love the Fruits Basket series too (what's up with those?) At least they're reading. I love the buds on your bluberry bush, a true promise of spring! Thanks for the well wishes, it's all gonna be OK, thanks mostly to having wonderful friends :)