Apr 17, 2007

Hope for Knitters

When I first started knitting I went to the bookstore all the time to check out the magazines. Often I'd choose a few to take home with me. After a while, I decided to suck it up and subscribe to one - Knitters. I have no idea why but, at the time, that was the one that appealed to me.
Eventually, beacause I am a sucker for magazines, I added subscriptions to IK and VK. These days I love IK and VK but Knitters, eh, I'm not so sure. Lately it's been really sad. In fact, the last few issues were pretty pathetic. I guess that's why I wasn't too excited when the Spring issue arrived in my mailbox this past weekend.

Surprise! There's actually something in there worth opening the cover. Take a look:

Spring K possibilities

I might actually be tempted to knit one of these. The most obvious choice is the blue sweater on the left. DQ says that, if I leave off the ties, she likes it very much. It's definitely a classic kind of a sweater - full of neat details. I'm pretty sure that I'll make the green sleeveless top too. I'm not sure that it shows up so well in this picture but, it has eyelets - randomly placed - all over the top. I'm a huge fan of things with a random appearance. The shawl is also cool. The pattern actually calls for beads around the edges. Sweet! The green cardi is simple but very nice. Simplicity with a few nifty features thrown in can be a very good thing.

These aren't the only patterns in this issue that made me happy. If you want to see more you can go here. Of course, if you click that link be prepared for fug. There are still a few items in there that make me want to scratch my head.

Speaking of DQ, we had a conversation the other night at dinner that made me laugh. I just love the nights that our family schedules allow us to enjoy dinner together. I ask them all about their days at school and I usually get all kinds of stories in response. I'm sure that, in time, this will pass and my girls will give me blank looks and tell me tha they did "nothing much" in school but, right now, my dinner table is graced with 2 of the most dramatic little girls in the world and they love nothing more than to share the school scandals.

The other night, DQ was going on and on about the substitute teacher she had that day at school. Subs are always the source of much discussion. This sub was visited by her son that afternoon. Apparently he goes to a different school and he came by to tell his mother that he skipped 7th period. My dear daughter was scandalized by the though of him skipping class. She was very concerned that he may have missed something important. The son also told his mother that he had taken his dad's car keys and this was also a concern for DQ. The "what if's" were to numerous to count.

As my daughter loves to tell me, the 5th grade at her school loves to gossip. I can only imagine that the rest of the class was deeply interested in the behavior of the sub's son. She seems to have been much less concerned and explained to the class that he had - as DQ breathlessly told us - a disease. DQ wasn't sure exactly what it was. Serioty? Something-itis? Sena-huh?

Suddenly the light when off in my head and it all made sense. The son has Senioritis! Hubbo and I laughed so hard. Then we explained it to our clueless daughter.


Melissa said...

Senoritis. LOL!
Love the blue, but I agree with DQ to leave off the ties.
Not a fan of the random either. But looks like a pretty good magazine.

Lolly said...

Goodness me, what a surprise to see those pretty patterns! I have never bought that magazine - never had any interest. This does look like a good issue though! Thanks for sharing :)

Margene said...

That's Knitters? Wow...I'm impressed for the first time in years;-)

Teyani said...

Love the blue one also, but the ties? eh, not so much. I have subscribed to that one for awhile, and never made anything from it - maybe this month!
Senioritis - too funny!

Emily said...

Well, whadaya know. I'm not going to run out and re-subscribe or anything, but I'll pick up the magazine in the book store!