Apr 5, 2007

ECF - Cherry Blossom Edition 2007

I saw these cherry blossoms on the way home today.

Cherry Blossoms

Why don't I have any cherry blossoms in my front yard? I really do adore them. For the past few years we've managed to get down to the tidal basin to see the splendor in person but I'm not sure about this year. They're predicting snow flurries! Even if the cold wasn't enough to keep me inside (knitting and spinning of course) the high winds may hasten the end of the brief cherry blossom season by blowing away the blossoms. So sad!

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who's been stopping by and saying nice things lately. Blogger doesn't make it easy to reply and often I can't access the email addresses to respond. Just know that I really do appreciate you stopping by.

Happy Easter to those that will be celebrating it!


Carole Knits said...

The cherry blossoms are gorgeous!

Krista said...

They always seem to be more beautiful up in Washington than any place else!

Melissa said...

The blossoms are gorgeous!
I have a cherry tree that has never bloomed, unless you count the 3 flowers this year.

Carol said...

Wow! How beautiful, and so sad that they will be blown away :( Happy Easter!