Apr 23, 2007

Tink Happens

Frogged ToeOn Sunday night I finished the second Bloomin Feet sock. I was all done except for grafting the toe on one sock. I was so flipping close to finished but something was nagging at me. I couldn't let go of the idea that these would be too small for my pal. It's funny because most of the socks I've made for myself are just a little bit too big. They're wearable but I tend to err on the large side because socks that squeeze your toes are worse than socks that are a little too big. These socks were just a little roomy on me but my pal has bigger feet and I just wasn't sure that that little bit of extra room would translate to just right on her. Eventually, my cautious side won out and this is what happened during lunch on Yesterday. Tinking!

At least I was tinking in the sun. Or maybe not because my allergies returned with the warm weather and when I went to get a refill on my rx - I found that it was expired. The horror!

IMG_0916Anyway, I ripped out both toes and redid them after adding another half a pattern repeat. It's no fun to re-do things but I'll feel better sending them now with the extra room. Re-doing them also allowed me to take this neat comparison shot.

I'm not sure how well you can see it in the picture but the toes are different. The Here There Be Dragons pattern included charts and instructions for 2 different toes - depending on where you stop in the foot pattern. Isn't Theresa smart to include 2 toes? On the left is the original toe. You may notice that it has a ridge around the entire toe area and it has an extra scale right at the very end. On the right is the new toe. The decreasing is done differently so there is no ridge around the toe and just one very large toe scale.

I like the look of the sock on the right without the ridge and I like the extra small toe scale on the left sooooo I guess that, for me, both toes have positives. Do you have a preference? I think that when I knit a pair of these for me (and I will definitely do that) I'll probably go with the toe on the left - mostly because I only need 3 full repeats for my foot.

It is lousy to have lost a day because I really need to get these socks in the mail but they'll get sent out tomorrow. They're blocking at home right now to try and fix (or at least alleviate) the rolling at the top. Tonight I'll wrap them up with some treats and put them in the mail. Hooray!


Julie said...

The socks are just beautiful and I'm sure you're pal will really appreciate the extra effort to get them just right. Need to add that pattern to my todo list!

I hope you get the allergy meds sorted asap, don't know that I'd have survived the week without mine.

Carole Knits said...

I think they're wonderful!

Teyani said...

they are so pretty!
your pal will be very very happy.

Cursing Mama said...

love the sockS!

Carol said...

I love them both!

clothesknit said...

I love both toes so I think it's awesome that you did one of each!