Apr 16, 2007

Monday Morning Again

Stalled SpininngGood Morning!

It was an incredibly stormy weekend here and I thought that would lead to lots of fibery productivity. I was wrong. I planned to finish up, or at least do a significant amount of work on, the 2 spinning projects I’m in the middle of but I barely even spun at all. In the basket on the floor you can just barely see the rest of the Violet BFL and the rest of the Magic Carpet Ride is under that. I’m sure I’ll get to it this week.

I really do want to knit with both of these when they’re finished. I definitely see the MCR as socks but I’m not sure exactly how that will work since it’s *ahem* a little less even than the usual sock yarn. The BFL is pretty even and would probably be a lace weight as it is. I’m thinking that it could be cool to leave it as is and make a shawl out of it but I’m not sure. How do you know what needs plying and what can stand alone as a single? I suppose that it’s all a matter of personal preference but I’d love a second opinion. I’m about the most indecisive person around.

Stalled Bloomin FeetI also thought that I’d make huge sock knitting progress but, again, not so much. I did manage to cast on for the second Bloomin’ Feet sock on Saturday during a much needed mani-pedi. (Koala Bear-y on the toes – who thinks of these names?) I can’t say that I’ve gotten very far though. I’m about 2 repeats down the leg. I’m sure that I’ll get it finished and in the mail on time but it’ll be a little closer than I’d like. I just wish that I felt more confident about how these will fit my pal. Oh, the stress!

The rest of the weekend was devoted to shopping with my favorite Drama Queen and watching old movies with the family. I love the old movies but the hubbo and the girls aren’t huge fans so when DQ asks to watch on with me I jump on it. This time we watched To Catch a Thief. Cary Grant and Grace Kelly were just wonderful. It may not be known as one of Hitchcock’s best but it entertained the whole family from Stinkerbelle to hubbo.

The shopping portion of the weekend was not as enjoyable as the movie watching part. I went to Am*rican E*gle for the first time. It was rough because DQ wants to wear what her friends are wearing but she’s taller and she’s got a rather adult build on top. The trendy clothes are designed for toothpicks. I cannot tell you how badly this sucks. It makes my daughter, who is not huge, feel like a giant. Oddly, we did way better at H&M. You wouldn’t think that their clothes, with their European sensibility, would work on a girl with broad shoulders and a chest but they totally do.


Jess said...

You're child with the adult build is absoluetly perfect!

clothesknit said...

I remember how difficult it was to find clothes when I was in HS...I was tall and skinny as a beanpole so nothing was quite right. The socks are looking great!

Margene said...

Who does think of the names...mine is "I'm not a waitress red". LOL
Great socks and spinning even if it wasn't enough...it's never enough, eh?

Carole Knits said...

Shopping with Hannah is rough and she's pretty skinny. She's also incredibly opinionated! I think the thing with singles is that if they will hold together (mine still don't sometimes) then you can knit with them. Give it a try!

Melissa said...

"I'm not really a waitress" is one of my faves margene!
Shopping is rough for anyone who isn't a stick. They should set a better example for young girls.

Carol said...

Love your yarn! It's going to make great socks! I have the same problem shopping for me and my youngest. She's 12 and is 5'7" 160 lbs! She doesn't much like what she fits in. Me, I wear junior sizes, but not the styles. Help!