May 23, 2007

Blue Feast

Unripe BlueberriesLately I’ve added a bit to my morning routine. Before I hop in my car to do battle with the insane, nasty and rude drivers on the road (Seriously, what makes a person cut you off so close that you can barely avoid hitting them and then turn and smile proudly at you?) , I often stop briefly to check the various things growing around the house. Things change so fast and I don't want to miss anything. Right now the blueberry bushes are a must-check because there is fruit ripening there. Look at all these blueberries! Doesn’t it make your mouth water? I must get a little chicken wire up around them quick or there will be quite a feast for the birds.
Navy BFLHere is a little BFL that I dyed recently. It’s part of my MDS&W haul and I hope to combine it with the violet BFL to create a set of yarns for a shawl. I think that the lustrous, silky properties will be wonderful.

I was thinking of navy blue and there is a little of that represented but I added other shades of blue too so there ought to be subtle variation in the color. Of course, as I’m learning, the color of the roving doesn’t necessarily predict what it will look like all spun up. This picture, taken on my sunny lawn doesn’t help much either.

IMG_1078After I finished plying the Targhee I started spinning this BFL and I have to say that it took me a while to get in the groove. I don’t remember having this much trouble with the violet batch. After many adjustments and quite a bit of cursing Charlotte and I finally got in sync and the BFL started to flow smoothly onto the bobbin. Because of the color, I needed to use the flash to get a true-ish picture. What do you think of it?


Cursing Mama said...

(did battle with a semi-truck this morning.grrrrr)

Love the blues it looks very forget me not.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

The BFL looks lovely! When I just finished the last that was dyed when I dyed for the Queen of Diamonds I was really fighting stuff. In this case I think it was the fiber. For whatever reason the end of the 8 oz was full of second cuts and didn't draft well and it was just a battle. It looks like you won though and will be cruising along!

Margene said...

3 miles to work makes an easy commute...thank goddess;-)
I love your dye jobs!

Carole Knits said...

What do I think? I think it's a gorgeous color and terrific spinning.