May 28, 2007

The Reveal

D with tons of hairDo you remember this picture? I took it on Stinkerbelle's recent birthday.
A week ago I told you that someone around here had a bit of an extreme makeover. My dear Stinkerbelle has wanted to cut her hair for over a year and last week I finally gave in and let her cut it. She wanted a "boy cut" so that she could spike it on the top but I just couldn't bear to cut her beautiful red hair so I kept putting it off and hoping that she'd change her mind. As the summer grew near I realized that it was the best thing to do because it'll be much easier for her to take care of.
I couldn't share this with you right away because Stink-o wanted to suprise a few people. This weekend my family was here to visit and we showed off th new 'do so I can show you now. Ready for it? Check it out.

Stink's boy cut

From this angle it looks a little like she's wearing it in a pony tail but trust me - it's really all gone. The response she's gotten has been great. The new look really suits her personality better. You can see her smiley face with the lightly freckled nose and green eyes much better now. Most importantly, she's thrilled with it. She has mousse and gel and she gets a thrill out of carefully arranging her hair each morning.

I suspect that hearing about my fabulous weekend won't be too terribly exciting unless you're family but here's a little collage of scenes from our little holiday.

Memorial Day Weekend 2007

As you can see, our weekend was filled with fun family stuff. My brother and his wife were here from NYC and my sister also visited with my niece and nephew. As I've mentioned before, my sister shares Stinkerbelle's birthday and my brother's birthday is 3 days after that so we celebrated them all at once this weekend. We also has Stink's long-awaited party which was more special because her cousins were able to attend.
These past few days were hot and sunny so we made liberal use of the pool which opened on Saturday. Throw in a BBQ with friends and a little bit of shopping and you've got a general idea of how I spent my time at home. I didn't have much time for fiber play but I did spin a bit. It was a novelty for my family and they all (except for my sister who doesn't properly appreciate the fiber arts) wanted to see how it's done. Thanks to that I'm on my second bobbin of the navy BFL now.


Carole Knits said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend. And I love the new hair cut!

skhpottery said...

Love that hair, I've always thought I'd like to try out a really short cut, but I've never had the guts.
And now she can show off all kinds of neat earrings.

Krista said...

I am dreading the day my son will be old enough to want all his blonde curls cut off! I've been keeping his hair long so I can ejoy them! Her hair looks very cute! And cool for summer.