May 16, 2007

Pondering Productivity

I’ve been feeling very unproductive lately so I took a quick look at my Flickr galleries to see what’s up. There are 43 finished objects in the 2006 gallery but in the gallery for this year there are only 6 so far. How pathetic! My impression was clearly correct – I haven’t been finishing much lately.

IMG_1041The interesting thing is that, even before I realized what a slacker I’ve been lately, I was hearing the call of the UFO’s. I even picked one up and finished it off. This is Seraphim which I began about a year ago. As I write this she is blocking and I hope that when I get home from work today I can take her out for a photo shoot if the weather cooperates. I’ll tell you more about her when the official photos are ready but I will say for now that I’m in love with her and so pleased at the way it all worked out.

Targhee SinglesBut wait – there’s more. See this lovely little yarn cake? This is the Roses for You Targhee that I spun recently. My friend Felicia was at the house last weekend and saw it sitting near my wheel and commented on how nice it looked. Now that I look at it all wound up in a cute little yarn cake I see how pretty it was. Yes… I said was.

IMG_1039It was sitting near the wheel because it was attached to the wheel in the process of being plied against itself. I’m not sure yet if plying it was a fabulous idea or a huge mistake. As it was, the singles were pretty attractive (if I do say so myself) and plied they look nice but I’m not sure if it’s an improvement. I’m thinking that maybe I should have left them alone. I’ll get back to plying it tonight and when it’s finished I’ll ponder it a bit.


Margene said...

It's beautiful both as a single and plied!

Carole Knits said...

Singles or plied, it's beautiful.