May 24, 2007

ECF - Limes & Lemons Edition

I took this picture a few weeks ago and nearly forgot all about it until I was cleaning out the card in my camera today.

Key Limes and Meyer Lemons

Those are Key Limes and Meyer Lemons. Want to know I made with them? Nothing! I bought them at one of my favorite stores - Trader Joes. It's one of those places that I go to for a block of cheese and walk out with half the store in my basket because it all looks so good. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of what to do with them before they went bad. They did make a lovely centerpiece though.
I am so ready for the long holiday weekend. My brother and my sister will be coming to visit with their families. We'll spend time at the pool after it opens, we'll barbeque and we'll celebrate. Both of my siblings have May birthdays as does Stinkerbelle and my buddy Felicia so we'll have a big party for all of them on Sunday. My house will be quite full.
I hope that you all have wonderful weekend plans!Have a great one!


Carole Knits said...

That's a beautiful photo and has me jonesing for Mojitos! Have a fun weekend.

Cursing Mama said...

sooo - we're supposed to clean out the photo card? Will put that in the old memory bank.

The photo is really cool - And I imagine I would've had the exact same cooking result; high expectations at purchase followed by total failure in production. Much like my sock knitting.(can I beat that horse anymore?)

So - hows about 7 random things?
(you had to see that coming)

Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

Carol said...

Mmm lemonade. Have a great time with your family! And enjoy the weekend!