May 10, 2007

Startitis Strikes Again

StartitisIsn't it funny how, sometimes, knitting something that you are required to knit isn't as much fun as something that you want to knit? For example, I may see a sock pattern and feel like it would be so much fun to knit it but, if I am asked to knit it for someone else then it becomes less enjoyable - more chore-like. It may still be a great pattern and I'll love gifting it to hwhomever I knit it for but I think that I enjoy the knitting more when I'm just doing it because I wanna and I have the luxury of picking it up and putting it down as often as I like.

Lately I've seen a lot of patterns that I want to knit but I committed myself to certain things so I've been trying to stay focused on my responsibilities. Startitis may have gotten the best of me though. Above is a picture of 2 projects that inexplicably appeared on my needles over the last week or so. At the top is the very beginning of a Monkey sock in Plymouth Sockotta. The yarn is a wool/cotton blend and I've never used it before. It's got an interesting feel to it and I really can't say yet if I like it or not. I'll keep going and see how it develops.

The other item is the start of Latoya. it's one of the free Berroco patterns and it says Drama Queen all over it. I love the asymmetry in the design but i'm not sure that the neckline will be quite right for DQ so I expect to adjust that. I've got a little while to figure it out since I'm knitting the back first. The yarn is a little bit of a question mark too. It's a cotton called Venezia and the color and gauge are totally working for me. What I'm not so certain about is the yardage. I bought this stuff from Elann about 3 years ago (maybe more) to make a baby gift. This was when I still found wool scary. I made a blanket and a sweater for the baby and I still had 5 full skeins left plus an undetermined amount already would into balls. I have no Idea how much I have! There is a label that was applied over the original label and I suspect that the yardage is incorrect. I cannot imagine knowingly overbuying by this much. Because of the yardage question, I'm not 100% sure how this top will turn out. We'll see.

Here's an update about something that I an certain about. My Bloomin Feet pal, OzKnitter, received the box I sent last week and she loves the socks. I am so relieved that they fit her. You can go here if you want to see the contents of the box I sent her and the socks on her feet. Maybe now I'll feel more confident when I start to work on the socks for my Sockapalooza 4 pal. Probably not though.


Carole Knits said...

Someone recently said, but I can't remember who, that no project is as exciting as the one we've yet to start. Ain't that the truth!

OzKnitter said...
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OzKnitter said...

danged typos! LOL

Hillary you did a beautiful job with my socks! So you can feel confident that your Sockapalooza pal will also like the ones you make for her.

Having said that, I totally understand the doubts and/or apprehension that goes with knitting a pair of socks for someone you've never met. Thanks (maybe that should be 'no thanks') to Canada Post, I'm still waiting for my BF pal to receive her socks and until I hear from her and see a pic of them on her feet I'm nervous about whether she'll like them or not and if they'll fit!

I'm doing Sockapalooza too. I've chosen the pattern and ordered the yarn. According to info received/exchanged with my pal, she'll like the colours and the pattern *should* work with her measurements. Feel free to email me if you you want to 'vent' or discuss Sockapalooza socks whilst we're knitting them.