Jun 17, 2009

My Potholders Arrived!

Look what arrived in my mail yesterday... my pothoders from the swap. I love them.

Starting with the round potholder on top, my potholders came from Annepalandet, Nova, Emily, Leila, and Bertha. It was fun to look at where they all came from . I immediately noted the one by Nova because I used one of her patterns last year to make a cowl from my handspun. It's always surprising to see what a small world it really is.

I have to say that I love all of the potholders I received. The one with the blue showing through the openings in the red side is really striking and reminds me of the ones I made and how I loved the way the colors on one side showed through on the other.
It's neat that I got two red and white ones that are so completely different. One is bold and square-ish and the other is round and patterned. The colors in the other round one are very happy and I love the raised ridges. I need to try something like that.

Potholder Swap 2009
The one with the black has so many colors in it but they all work really well together. It looks hot to me which is probably appropriate to the purpose which is funny because the only thing these potholders have in common is that I probably won't use them. They're just too pretty to use.
I really enjoyed this swap so much. A big thank you to Adrian and Maritza for organizing this. I'm still not really a crocheter but the more crochet I do, the more I like it.


Carole Knits said...

Those are fantastic!

margene said...

They look great! I got mine, too. It's such fun to open a colorful package full of beautiful creations.

Kate said...

I received one of your potholders in my swap package yesterday. I love it! (I got the tan/blue/green, I'll have to check around your blog to look for pictures of the others.) I'm totally impressed with your crochet skills and that I can't find the color joins. :)

The ones you received go together so well! I'm enjoying seeing how the disparate potholders complement each other...

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! What a great swap.

Sarah said...

I have loved watching this swap make the rounds. Those are fantastic pot holders.