Jun 8, 2009

Summer Is Here If I'm Upside Down

We all have different things that signify the start of summer for us. Pool openings. Bar-b-ques. Pretty flowers. Wearing shorts. For me it's the fair. When the fair comes to town with it's sights and sounds and smells it is most certainly a sign that summer has arrived.


This year got off to a surprisingly good start when I volunteered to work at the fair on Friday night. It was raining and chilly but the time flew by because, just by chance, my partner working the credit card ticket line was another knitter. Not just any knitter - a knitter with a storage unit. This is the kind of knitter I remind my husband of when he thinks my stash may be getting out of control.

We talked about knitters we know in common, local yarn stores, fiber festivals etc and before we knew it our shift was over. It was great.


The next day it was sunny and warm when I took the girls to the fair. We got there nice and early so they got to ride plenty before the lines got big. Stinkette even ventured out of her comfort zone and tried a few rides that were more adventurous.

Her favorite ride remains the swings though. She rode them over and over and late that evening, as DH and I sat watching her ride them high above our heads yet again, one of the carnival workers came over to us and commented on how much our girl loved the ride. It was her 12th time on them that day!


There was plenty to see and do at the fair. We watched the fireworks and shows. We ate plenty of fair food and generally enjoyed ourselves.


How was your weekend? Did you see signs of summer?


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Carole Knits said...

It looks like so much fun! Great photos - especially the fireworks - those are hard to capture.