Jul 17, 2009

ECF - Gladioli Edition

Here's one of the gladioli from my front yard. I love the patterning on the petals. What I don't love is that these flowers are too darn heavy for their stems. Don't you think that maybe that's a flaw in natures design? A flower ought not to tip over for want of a strong enough stem.

I staked some of them but others tipped before I remembered. Oh well.


They are so nice to look at before they fall over.

Have a great weekend!


Carole Knits said...

It's beautiful. I wonder if it's a hybrid problem like with peonies.

sprite said...

Toppled flowers outside just mean lovely bouquets inside, right?

Sarah said...

What a beautiful beginning to the weekend!

Ruth said...

I need to dye yarn these colors! Oh, and yes, NY, NJ and CT are great for diners.