Jul 2, 2009

Long Weekend Ahead

This weekend is my girls last one at home until mid-August. Thank goodness it's a long one because ther is so much to be done. Extra batteries need buying, clothes need labeling and all of the stuff needs packing so that we can ship 2 very large boxes to camp to await my girls arrival. Whew! That's some job.

For Hubbo it's his last weekend with them until they return in mid-August. I'm the one who'll do the 9 hour road trip to take them to camp so I get a little extra time with them. I'm one lucky Momma.


Although packing for camp will be the priority, I expect that we'll be able to squeeze in a bit of pool time and a few BBQ's. Oh, and knitting, definitely knitting.

I have 2 new projects on the needles and I hope to work on them quite a bit. The first one is on top. It's for one of the many baby girls I know and since that picture was taken I've added a few more inches to it. It's moving super-fast! The yarn is Elann Sonata but can you guess the pattern? It's one that I mentioned recently and so far I like it a lot.


The other new project on my needles is a pattern that is imaginatively titled Cabled Shell by Adrienne Vittadini. It's for DQ by request to replace a denim shell I made for her years ago that she has outgrown. That one was a very simple piece with no cables, shape, or details. She loved it but it was really just eh.

This one ought to be better. I've considered the pattern for quite a while before settling on this one. I think it'll be a winner because of the cabling. First, it ought to counter the lifelessness of the denim and second the ribs ought to offer an interesting wear pattern. Let's hope.

Do you have anything really good planned for the weekend?


Kathy said...

Boo hoo! Camp is wonderful and yet hard for moms!

Carole Knits said...

We're going to a cook out on Sunday but that's about it. Dale works pretty much all day on the 4th. Have fun with your family this weekend!

Anonymous said...

9 hours - really?! That's one long drive.
I have a busy weekend scheduled so I took Monday off to rest :) It's all fun stuff though, so that's good.

Have a great weekend!

JessaLu said...

Moving Dobby is pretty much what we'll be doing - she'll be celebrating her independence this weekend! lol

Sarah said...

Sounds busy! It will be a laid back get together with family on Saturday for us. I'm looking forward to relaxing and the beginning of the Tour de Fleece!