Jul 29, 2009

Random Wednesday

It's Wednesday, my girls have been away now for a bit over 2 weeks and I am officially missing them something fierce. The constant notes fron Stinkerbelle telling me that she's having fun but she really needs a hug, misses me a lot and can't sleep aren't helping at all. My baby girl needs me! I send her notes and things (lots of packages heading south this summer) nearly every day. Sometimes more than one a day. And, yes, I do know that all the stuff I send will somehow have to fit in the car for the ride home. Wish me luck on that one.

IMG_2817[1]I think that given everything I can be forgiven for feeling a little random today.

Because this is still a knitting blog I've got a pretty current shot of one of the 3 pairs of socks that are currently on the needles. Yup, three. There's the commuter knitting, the socks that require concentration, and the socks that begged to be cast on. These are my Daiquiri Sox because the color of the yarn reminds me of a strawberry daiquiri and the pattern is Sunshine by Cookie A. One is complete and I've got a finished heel flap on the other. These ought to be finished by the end of the week.

Aside from the plethora of socks, I'm also actively working on finishing a gift for a little girl who just turned two. Leave it to me to grossly underestimate the amount of ends to be woven in on a color work project. Ugh! No, actually that's a double-ugh since the knitting portion of the project has been complete for about a week and all of the weaving of then ends is preventing me from completing the finish work and calling this one done.

IMG_2805[1]Here's a picture of Teddy that I snapped a few weeks ago when I saw him in front of my building. I answered a trivia question at the conference on Monday about him. Clearly the quiz was geared towards out-of-towners because they were shocked that I knew who raced around the field at Nationals games. Duh! My name badge said I was a local.

I'm kind of partial to Teddy. Perhaps it's all those visits to Sagamore Hill as a kid. Maybe it's the fact that Teddy never wins the race. NEVER! He has a short attention span like me and get's sidetracked by things like hot dogs and pretty things. Poor Teddy.

Unlike Teddy my firm softball team was a winner last night. Yay! I made it to base on balls but I had no RBI's. I'm just happy not to have detracted from our efforts. And not to have melted. It was so disgustingly hot and sticky.

Lastly, I'm thinking of a good friend who is undergoing surgery today. I'm praying that she wakes up at the end of it all cancer-free and ready to take on the world.


Carole Knits said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of random. I hope your friend is ok.

sprite said...

They were probably amazed because so few people actually attend the games!