Jul 21, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - '10 Favorite Places to Eat'

Now this is a topic I can really sink my teeth into. Here are my '10 Favorite Places to Eat'.

  1. Cosi - At least once a week I go in to this little sandwich shop conveniently located across the street from my office and get a salad. Always the same. A signature salad, no grapes or pears just extra cranberries. YUM!
  2. Outback - there's one near our house that's become our "celebration" place. Birthdays, good reports cards, father's day, mothers day - we've celebrated most of these at that Outback.
  3. Ruth's Chris - Outback is nice but if I want a real steak it's gotta be Ruth's Chris or...
  4. Morton's - One time my inlaws took us here and when they brought out the tray with all the cuts of meat DQ (who was 8 or 9) chose a huge one. After a good laugh they ordered a smaller cut that was more appropriate for her age. And then another one because my girl LOVES steak.
  5. Ben's Deli - Sadly these are only in New York but they do ship their food. I'd rather eat it there though. Preferably with my grandparents.
  6. NY Diners - One of the biggest shock upon mobving to Virginia was realizing that they don't really have diners here. Not really. In NY you can go to a diner any time of the day and order any damn thing you want. A steak dinner at 6am, a pancake meal at 11pm, fries and gravy any time of day. My favorite thing at diners are pizza burgers. YUM! Give me a diner with a 25 page menu any day.
  7. Baskin & Robbins - When we bought our house many years ago we had a short list of location requirements. Good schools, a pool, and a Baskin & Robbins nearby. We got all three.
  8. Emilio's Pizza in Commack, NY - This place has been around since I was little. They've expanded, changed the name and decor multiple times but it's still some of the best pizza ever.
  9. Most NY pizza places - there are places near me that do pizza right but it's a little hit or miss. In NY there is pizza by the slice everywhere and most of it is delish.
  10. NY in general - Really I'd have to say that the food is one of the few things I miss about NY. Deli's, bagel places, pizza, diners... I really miss it all. NY has some very good eats.

What or where are your favorite places to eat? Are any of them in Chicago by chance?


Carole Knits said...

I completely forgot to do Ten on Tuesday for today. I'll do it tomorrow, though.

Sarah said...

I am so hungry. If you like Chicago-style deep dish pizza, Uno is the place. Oh, now I am even hungrier.