Jul 16, 2009

Surprising and Delightful

It's only a week since I did a garden post but it seems like things are suddenly moving very fast in our garden. The pictures posted last week were pretty current at that point. They were encouraging but there seemed little chance that we'd be feasting on home grown veggies anytime too son. Boy was I wrong!


I returned home late Monday night and DH told me to go check the garden because the corn had shot up and become quite tall. He was right about that but, in a classic bruce move, he hadn't looked very closely and he totally missed the real news. Ther was a zucchini tucked away under the leaves.


I am sure that wasn't there when I left. I check just about every day.

That wasn't all though. Something very cool caught my eye.


Isn't the corn silk pretty? It looks so fresh and light. I can't wait to eat home grown corn! Now I need to read up and figure out how I'll know when to pick it.

Thankfully socks are a lot simpler. When it has a heel and a toe and a leg it's done.


This is Sunshine, the first pattern I'm doing from Cookie A's Sock Innovation. I'll talk about it and the yarn I'm using, Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra Handpaints, in a future post. Right now all that's important is that it's moving along well and I like it very much.


Oh yes, and I've got both a leg and a heel so this sock is nearly finished. Sadly, unlike zucchinis and corn - socks need mates.


Carole Knits said...

There is nothing like fresh picked corn. Boil the water first. Then go pick the corn. It doesn't get any better than that.

Sarah said...

Fresh corn sounds so wonderful.

Love the socks!