Jul 9, 2009

Gardening Delights

I have often referred to our pathetic attempts to grow veggies as the Garden of Apathy but that's not quite right. I care very much about my little garden and I check on it almost every day to see what's new.

What I mean to say is that I am stubborn and I have a tendency to ignore the conventional wisdom on gardening. Ok, I disregard most of the planting guides, directions on the seed packets, and advice given to me at the local nursery too. Basically I regard that stuff as a suggestion and then I go with what works for me on the land I own in the little bit of time I can dedicate to the endeavour.

I plant stuff and hope it grows.


This year I upped the ante a bit by starting my own plants from seed but I did it late. I was also late in planting them outside in an area that I didn't properly prepare. So it's a huge happy surprise when I check the garden and find that corn is beginning to appear.


And there are zucchini flowers all over.


But the biggest kick this year is looking beneath the canopy of large leaves and seeing a whole other world down there. This year, in addition to the zucchini, I planted punpkins and they are taking over.

Zucchini likes to spread and it will easily take over the garden if you let it but pumpkin is a whole other story. It sends out these crazy, curly, tendrils that reach out across the area and grab onto whtever the find and don't let go. It makes weeding a bit more urgent because once a pumpkin tendril finds a weed... it's staying.


Then there's this.


It's cute and fuzzy now but imagine it a few months from now when it's big and round and orange. This fall we'll be eating pumpkin bread. Heck - pumpkin everything!


Anonymous said...

We grew pumpkin near a 30-foot evergreen hedge... they latched on, climbed the evergreens and looked like orange christmas balls hanging on the hedge. Nobody was unwise enuff to stand beneath a pumpkin, but everyone looked, marveled and scratched their head. Remember? (Zucchini FLOWERS are edible)

Carole Knits said...

Looks like you're going to have a very successful garden this year!

Sarah said...

It sounds like we have somewhat similar approaches to gardening. Yours is doing great. I also find corn to be tremendously exciting.