Jul 23, 2009

Lucky Girl

DSC_0198My mailbox has been treating me very well lately. Obviously it's not doing it all by itself - quiet summer days spent sitting in front of a computer lead to net surfing. Lot's of net surfing.
Sometimes I read the news but very often I find myself reading blogs or Rav groups. I just pop in here and there to see what's what. It's the links that are killing me. All too often someone is working with a simply gorgeous yarn and suddenly I MUST HAVE IT!

Vesper - Summer Breeze That's what happened with the Vesper sock. I saw it on a blog and needed it something fierce so I went over and ordered a skein of Sweet Summer Sky which was indeed sweet with all it's blues and pink .

But then things got weird and I found myself signing up for the Vesper Sock club... before I'd ever even touched the yarn much less knit with it. I'm not a sock club girl and I'm definitely not a stripe girl. Or maybe I am. Maybe I'm evolving as a knitter.

I was encouraged when I got the Sweet Summer Sky that maybe the club wasn't a huge mistake. I'd only been in one other yarn club before which I joined with a friend and it was very diappointing. Those yarns weren't me (or her) at all. I am so relieved to say that I got my first skein from the Vesper Sock Club and it's gorgeous. Summer Breeze is all blue and green with a bit of yellow and it's spot on. I can't wait to knit it up.

But like I said, my finger has slipped more than once. The second time it was a Rav group that did me in. Oh the Rav groups. Especially the Elann and Loopy Ewe ones. They're deadly.

Handmaiden Casbah - HemlockA bunch of folks were talking about Casbah. Isn't it yummy? Isn't it divine? It feels just like buttah. And the colors... you really have to see them. So what's a knitter to do? I looked and again my finger slipped when I saw Hemlock. I felt pretty good about it too because I used a credit I'd been holding onto for-freakin'-evah.

I felt good until the next day when I popped into the same group and saw that I'd missed Wollmeise by hours. Darn those ill-timed purchases.

But again things worked out because it turns out that that was my 6th purchase so my Casbah (which is every bit a divine as I hoped) came with a bag and treats and a pattern and more yarn! Yay for free Cherry Tree Hill yarn. Hubbo love the color and claimed it for himself. thankfully there are 420 yds per skein so i can make socks to fit his massive feet.


But wait - there's more! I told you I was a lucky girl. I was one of the winners in Grumperina's Knitaversary contest and she sent me a very cool set of crochet hooks. They've arrives at the perfect time too because I'm feeling the need to crochet again. Maybe I'll make some potholders for me or... for my sibs who are each moving to new digs this summer. Hmmmm... what colors to choose, what patterns to use.

Clover Hook Set

What's making you feel lucky today?


Carole Knits said...

You finally succumbed to the Vesper lure! Hooray. I've been a member of the sock club since she started it. I promise you won't be sorry.

Sarah said...

Congratulations on winning and all of the fabulous new lovelies!