Oct 8, 2009

Another Thing on My Needles

So today I'll debut the last of the projects that I started last week at this time. It's the Through The Loops Mystery Sock. I've never done a mystery anything before but I really like the TTL designs and it sounded like fun so why not.


It's a great pattern so far and I've only had one small and totally unexpected issue - the needles. The pattern is written for size 2 needles which used to be my go to sock needles but over the past few years I've migrated to smaller and smaller needles and the simpler toe-up socks I showed yesterday are on 0's. That's a first for me.

But getting back to the TTL Mystery sock, I looked at the pattern and instantly knew the 2's wouldn't work because I usually go for 66 stitches on 1's and get a sock with plenty of room. This was 64 stitches on 2. I tried 1.5's for the first cuff and the fabric seemed loose so I went to 1's for the second cuff. The diference is subtle but there. I now have 2 perfect cuffs and I can't wait to start clue #2 today. Yay!


Carole Knits said...

Looks great!

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