Oct 21, 2009

Hanging With FDR and the Vanderbilts

Now that flickr is cooperating I can share more of my trip from last week. As if it wasn't enough to finally go to Rhinebeck, I added a bit of visiting and touring to the trip. If you're gonna go... go big.

So how does a dork like me spend a beautiful fall day all to herself? Taking tours of historic houses. I betcha didn't know I was such a party animal.


I started my day at Springwood which was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's home. He was both born and buried there.


The house was wonderful. It was given by FDR to the Park Service years before he died apparently they took posession shortly after his passing since nobody else wanted to live there. Eleanor had her own cottage nearby that she really preferred. I mention this because I think it makes a difference. The house is very well preserved with all FDR's possessions rather than stuff "from the same period".


The house sits along the banks of the Husdon river and it's grounds are lovely. Above is a view taken from the second floor as I exited the house.


FDR's Presidential library is also on the grounds but I didn't go in there this time. As you walk around it you see this little area. The colorful figures are pieces of the Berlin Wall and the busts are of FDR and Churchill.


Heres a better shot of FDR's bust with the library behind it.


After I left Springwood I drove up the road to Hyde Park, the "little" country place of the Vanderbilts. It's fantastic! Sadly I have very few pictures - pretty much just this one. You'll just have to trust me that it's worth seeing. Especially if your tour guide is Mike Autenrieth. He was amazing. He knew everything about the house, the contents, and the family. It made such a huge difference to have a guide with such a deep knowledge of the place.


Carole Knits said...

I've always wanted to visit FDR's place when we've gone to Rhinebeck. Your pictures entice me even more!

Cursing Mama said...

Now I want a little country place :D
Wonder who will break that news to Mr.M....

margene said...

I've never stopped at the big houses. Thanks for the quick tour.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

I adore touring old houses! Especially when the docents are role playing. If I ever make it out to Rhinebeck I shall have to make a stop at FDR's!

Manise said...

Sounds like a stop well worth making next time!

JessaLu said...

Love it! One of these years I want to take that tour...it was awesome to see you!

Sarah said...

That sounds like an incredible tour.

DutchessDawn said...

Great photos! Too bad you didn't visit the FDR Library. the Action and action Now Exhibit of the 1st 100 days of FDR is amazing, so moving, interactive, memorable!Bit it closes at end of Dec. And the mansions are decorated for the holidays, Wilderstein Estate isbeautiful and the Mills Mansion at Staatsburgh are not to be missed! For info: www.dutchesstourism.com