Oct 22, 2009

Keeping Up

TTL '09 Mystery Sock - clue 3I thought that my little trip might stop my progress on these socks but happily I was wrong. As of last night this is how these socks looked. Two cuffs, 2 legs and 2 heels. Bring on clue #4! Tonight is another softball game under the lights and it promises to be gorgeous weather. Perhaps even jacket-free weather. I hope the next clue is a good one for ballgame knitting.

Fall Reading MittsI have a standby project to work on just in case the new clue requires too much concentration. It's a pair of Susie's Reading Mitts in Dream in Color Classy. I started these right before Rhinebeck when the weather reports started to freak me out. Ironically all of the fun I had during my Rhinebeck trip precluded me from getting much actually knitting done. I'm working on the now though and I expect that they'll be done in plenty of time to wear them for Halloween if it's cold that night.

DSC_0938I really only have one worry about these new fingerless mitts. Someone's gonna try to swipe 'em. I just know it. Look at how similar the color of my new mitts are to the pair I made for Stinkerbelle in February. Separated at birth perhaps?

My girl loves those mitts and she has work them constantly. Even over the summer! Not surprisingly they are kind of gnarly now. Nothing a quick trip through the wash can't fix (I hope) but I'd have to pry them away from her first. I can just hear her now bargaining to take my mitts while hers are in the wash. It's not going to happen. No way! I'm putting my foot down. Maybe I'll sleep with them under my pillow. That'll keep them safe.



JessaLu said...

Wow you're cranking them out!

Love those blues - not sure if under the pillow is safe enough...kids can be pretty crafty! ;o)

Carole Knits said...

Does she still get in bed with you? Because if she does, well, under your pillow might not be the safest place. :-)

Anonymous said...

I can see why she'd try and steal those mitts right away from you! Good luck hiding them :-)

Cursing Mama said...

Good luck keeping them safe! I'd lock the bedroom door for a little extra protection.

Manise said...

Carole has a good point you know! They are gorgeous.

Sarah said...

Good luck guarding those beauties!