Oct 14, 2009

Kintting Frenzy

DSC_0541You can call it obsession, compulsion or just a pre=Rhinebeck Knitting frenzy - whatever it was I was fully in it's thrall last weekend and it resulted in a few more finished objects. Some were totally complete like this black blob that look quite a bit more beret-like now that it's been blocked. I can't wait to get modelled shots and even more happy that it's finished before my friend starts chemo and actually needs it.

Some things I finished were just stages in an ongoing project like these sox. They're my Through The Loops Mystery Socks now completed through Clue #2. Like many other knitters I only went for 4 repeats of the leg pattern since I go for shorter socks and this sock starts off with more cuff than I'm used to. In retrospect I think that 3 repeats would've been fine but I'm happy with these as they are and totally shocked that I'm keeping up with the clues so far. I'll probably fall behind on clue #3 since I'll be on the road when it's released. We'll see.

TTL '09 Mystery Sox - clue 2

The last thing I finished last weekend is a certain sweater that's currently packed in my travel bag. You'll have to wait until tomorrow for that though.


Carole Knits said...

Travel safely! See you soon!

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