Oct 26, 2009

On Hold Socks

DSC_0538It was a great weekend - full to overflowing and a little crazy but in a really good way. Saturday Stinkerbelle had another softball game. This one had been rescheduled from a recent rain out and the forecast didn't look good that we'd get to play it this time either. They were predicting storms all day long so we were all shocked that the weather held just long enough for us to get our game in. By just long enough, I mean that the heavens opened just after we got in our cars. Talk about close calls!

Before the game I went down to DMV to renew my license. It took about an hour but it was ok because I rewarded myself for my patience with a trip to a LYS. It's one that I don't often get to because the hours don't really work for me. I carried out one very full bag. Mmmmm... wool.

I finished a thing or two this weekend too. No pictures yet though because running around doesn't leave much time for picture taking. It's ok because I'm backed up on posting finished stuff anyway. I can't even believe I'm saying that but it's true. These purple socks were finished a month ago.

I got a few new sock books recently (darn those book stores and their 40% off coupons) and I'm trying a little bit from each one. Wendy Johnson's new book, Socks From The Toe Up, was a must for me because I'm definitely a toe-up gal. I couldn't wait to see what new techniques or tips she'd have in there. It turns out that there were plenty.

I chose the On Hold Socks for my first project mostly because the way she does the heel in this pattern was different from those I'd tried before. Essentially it's a gusset & flap heel done in the reverse. I liked it so much that I'm using it again on one of the socks currently on my needles.


I think I mentioned in an earlier post that these were supposed to be my commuter knitting that turned out to require more thought than expected. that was true at forst due to the fact that it uses a centered motif. I find that gives me fewer reference points than a motif that repeats around the leg or across the foot. I did adjust to it eventually and this pattern was easy-peasy.

The yarn I used for these sock is Red Rocks Fiber Works Aspen that I got in a swap. It's lovely stuff - soft and nice to knit with. My only gripe is that the dye seemed to have mised a few spots. It couldn't be too awful because DQ was only too happy to claim them before they were even off the needles but when you have a yarn that is so pretty it's a shame to have any flaws.


No I'll have to try to get pictures of the other finished objects so I can catch myself up.


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Great pis of the socks! And I absolutely adore heels like that for toe-up. What yarn is it that you used?

Carole Knits said...

The socks are beautiful. I actually like the undyed parts, too. And a backlog of finished knits means you'll have plenty of blog posts ready to go.

Sarah said...

The socks are cute, even with the dye imperfections. I understand what you mean, though.

Will FO backlog mean NaBloPoMo?