Oct 20, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - Ten Guilty Pleasures

Flickr is holding my pictures hostage today. Boo hiss. So I can't share more of my trip yet but I can put together a little list for Ten on Tuesday. This week it's all about those Guilty Pleasures. Let's face it - we all have a few.

  1. Cheese - Gruyere, cheddar, gorgonzola, mozzarella or... my personal favorite - goat cheese. I love it all. ecept maybe for smoked cheeses. Them I can resist.
  2. HGTV - it's kind of voyeuristic but I just love to watch the folks looking for new homes and refurbishing those that they've got. Yes, I'm one of those people who berates those poor fools who pick the wrong house (according to me) on Househunters.
  3. Starbucks - don't tell me that they burn the beans or how overpriced they are. It doesn't matter. I'm a sucker for those fancy drinks. It's all I can do to limit myself to 2 per week when there are at least 6 or 7 shops within a block or 2 of my office.
  4. Reality TV - not the truly trashy sh*t full of twenty-something angst - I'll take the Amazing Race, Top Chef or Project Runway any day of the week.
  5. Yarn - There's a shock. I'm not sure I'll ever have enough. There is something so wonderful about a gorgeous yarn and all the possibilities it presents.
  6. Fried Foods - the older I get the less these agree with me but yum!
  7. Driving too fast - anyone surprised by this one? I didn't think so. I briefly hit triple digits on the way home Sunday night - just because I could and it was sweeeeet! Now I'm back in reality and behaving myself but it's not nearly as much fun.
  8. Fancy Soap - and not just any soap - Pretty Baby. It's just about all I use around the house. It's actually home made, cruelty free, and all natural if you care about that stuff. I just like the smells and feel of it. The price makes it wicked indulgent.
  9. Candy - Jelly beans, Smarties and Swedish fish are my weakness but there are plenty of wonderful candies out there.
  10. People Watching - more specifically I love to critique people on the street, in the store, etc, etc. Most people have an outlet for their evil and that's mine.

What are your guilty pleasures? You know you have them.


Carole Knits said...

I like your list!

Sarah said...

Ack! Blogger just ate a comment mid-type!

You have a good list. I say enjoy the things that give pleasure, aim for moderation, and forget about the guilt. At least that is what I am trying to do.