Oct 29, 2009

What Can You Do?

EarringsThanks so much for the birthday wishes. If you're looking for the contest post , it's here. Only comments left on that post will count for the contest.

It was a relatively quiet birthday but very nice. Even our traditional birthday dinner was quiet but nice because even thoug my daughters made a huge fuss about it being my birthday, our waiter forgot to do the requisite loud singing. DQ was not amused and insisted on speaking to a manager. On the other hand, I was perfectly ok with not being embarrassed in front of one and all.

I got some lovely and thoughtful gifts including a book based on the Cake Wrecks blog which Stinkette nearly absconded with. I'll let you know how I like it when she actually let's me get a look at it. :)

I also got 2 pairs of earrings. On the left are the ones I chose with the family as their gift to me. They are one of a kind with opals (my birthstone) and tiny diamonds and made by Wendy Newman, a Utah jewelry designer. She makes gorgeous stuff. On the right are earrings made just for me by Stinkette. She excitedly explained how she chose the wooden beads rather than green glass because they gave them a "warmer" feel. Guess which ones I'm wearing today. Was there really any other option?

And in knitting news we have these TTL Mystery socks which have become something of a mini obsession. I just had to have clue #4 finished before the last one was released so I stayed up way too late last night. I did finish them though and now I can move on to the toes. Yay!

Spooky Toeless Sox

I did not take this picture after my knitting marathon and my skills haven't deteriorated quite this badly. Since these socks are so fall-like and will certainly be finished by the weekend I'm thinking that I can wear them when I take Stinkette trick-or-treating. I've spooky-ized the picture in honor of their Halloween approporiateness.


Carole Knits said...

I like what you did to the photo!

Manise said...

Cool photo editing! Having checked Flickr I now can see their original color of your socks. Very pretty! I downloaded the whole pattern this morning and worked on the cuff while I "babysat" the plumber installing my new faucet, sinks and dishwasher.

Sarah said...

Ooooo-ooo-ooooO! Spooky, indeed!

micah_gideon said...

I love that photo!