Jul 15, 2010

Deep Blue Socks

Just to prove that I really am still knitting, today I've got a finished pair of socks to share. The pattern is Spring Forward by Linda Welch which I knit in Neighborhood Fibre Company yarn in a color called Georgetown. I love them both. and I really love them together.

The wavyness of the pattern together with the goegeous deep blue just screamed for a pool shoot and thankfully I have friends with a gorgeous one. DQ graciously modeled the socks. She said that she'd be fine doing it at the neighborhood pool but there are kids from school there and they don't really need to know how weird I am - especially when we could do the shoot at a friends house. They already know how weird I am.


Anyway, there really isn't a lot to say about a project where everything goes right. Great pattern - great yarn. I even knit the pattern "as written", complete with the patterning on the foot. I almost always leave them plain.


I do have a quick note about the yarn. The color is even deeper and more amazing in person but, as much as I love a rich cobalt blue, I almost passed on this yarn. See, I used this yarn before for my dragon socks and it bled all over my fingers. So as I stood looking at the yarn at Fibre Space and reminding myself of why I shouldn't buy it, a shop worker (I don't recall who) helpfully said that I should try it again because it no longer has the same problems. I am so happy to say that they were right and that it didn't bleed at all this time.

The temps here should reach the hifgh 90's again today so I'll put these in my sock drawer and wait for fall.


Carole Knits said...

Those are lovely and the pool makes a great back drop.

Sarah said...

Beautiful socks like that give hope that we will be cool again someday.