Jul 1, 2010

Life on the Deck

Yesterday was glorious. The heat finally broke and, more importantly, the humidity disappeared - at least for a little while. We took full advantage of it by eating dinner on the deck. I love that deck so much.

Having a usuable yard has inspired me so this year I planted a bunch of stuff in boxes around the deck. Look at the sweet little slowers on my tomato plants. There are actual tomatoes growing on another plant too. We should do well if we can remember to water them.


We also put up a few birdhouses and feeders around the yard. It's such a kick to watch the birds come and go. There are all kinds of birds and I we're starting to get curious about what they all are.


Then there's this guy. I hate him! It took him a few days to find the feeder but now that he has he's not going away. There is a tree with limbs that reach towards the deck and he hangs out in there and watches. Every time we chase him away he retreats there but he keeps coming back.

He's a messy sucker too. The first sign of his arrival was a huge mess of half eaten seed all over the deck.


Look at the theiving little punk. He's ruining all my fun.


I think he knows it too.


Carole Knits said...

Squirrels are such hogs when it comes to the bird seed! You should bring him some bird identification books from the library. You all would enjoy that, I think.

margene said...

Your "guest" is quite the character. Being outdoors on a deck or patio is such a summer delight. We enjoy our patio on days the temperatures aren't beastly. This weekend should be perfect.
Enjoy our holiday!!

sprite said...

Could you put a baffle over the feeder to keep the squirrel away? Or can he jump there from a side branch?

Manise said...

I used to go after mine with a super soaker, which graduated to hot water thrown from a large cup. He learned to listen for the slider slowly opening. There was also the random throwing of a handful of gravel in his general direction which got his attention since it zinged through the air fastest and made noise hitting the pine trees. He gave up after a year. Tabasco sauce may help- his mucous membranes won't be able to handle it. The birds won't notice.