Jul 14, 2010


Today I've got a little travelogue of our annual pre-camp detour. The destination was Roanoke, VA.

I'm sure that there are great things to se and do in Roanoke but the girls and I were really in the mood to chill out and soak up the atmosphere. The girls and I enjoyed the small town feel.


As we wandered through galleries here and there we saw certain landmarks featured again and again. Like the neon star on the hill. Sadly I took my picture during the day when it was unlit.


The Dr. Pepper and H&C Coffee signs too.

Roanoke Landmarks

One of the first things we saw was the market square. We went downtown to see what the Center in the Square had to offer but found ourselves wanting to walk around and see the city rather than focusing on one of the museums in there.


It was a Saturday and there were vendors lining the sidewalk. We bought some homemade soap that smelled divine and after carrying it home in my duffle bag, all my clothes smell fabulous too. Kind of fruity.


We saw a movie while we were in Roanoke too. Stinkette really wanted to see Despicable Me which was playing in 2 places - a big multi-screen venue and the smaller and way cooler Grandin Theatre. Without a doubt we made the right choice. It's an old building with character that's locally owned and run. Very cool! The movie was really good too.


After dinner downtown in the market we found our way back to Pops, a little spot around the corner from the Grandin Theatre for dessert. It was such a nice surprise. Aside from serving delicious sundaes it had the authentic feel of a neighborhood soda fountain which really charmed the girls and I. There was a dj spinning old vinyl in one of the bay windows and lots of folks coming and going and having fun.


Roanoke was just perfect for us. Relaxing and charming.


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

That looks like a very lovely place to visit! I am noticing that I *really* need to do some easterly travel...

Carole Knits said...

It sounds idyllic! Glad you found a great place to rest on your trip.

Laurie said...

Doncha just love that some old timey things are coming back, or getting a resurrection? Feels much better to patronize places like that than the national and international chain stuff.