Jul 26, 2010

Momcation Plateau

The momcation continues although this weekend was more balanced, which is to say that there were a few fails mixed in with the good stuff. I think I'd prefer to have my weekends a little less balanced and more weighted towards all good.

The fails weren't huge, more annoying than problematic. The movie we saw Saturday night was not quite as good as I thought/expected it to be. I drove a bit over a half hour (in nasty traffic) to get a light fixture at IK** (after checking the availability online on Friday) only to find them sold out. Apparently they were very popular because another woman was looking for one too.

I also went to get my car inspected yesterday and got there just a little too late and saw the "Last Car for Today" sign posted. That was probably my fault because I was feeling lazy and couldn't tear myself away from the project I was working on.

Speaking of that project - I wouldn't call it a fail but it isn't making me wildly happy either. It's a hat (seen below) that should've taken a day but due to mistakes it's still not done.


On the postive side, I did finish another project this weekend and went to my favorite button store where I scored the perfect finishing touch. A quick stop at the yarn store also scored good stuff.

Add a lovely dip in the pool and a great dinner with friends and the weekend balanced out nicely bu I still wish it had been a bit more good and less balanced.

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Carole Knits said...

I'm sorry you didn't have all good things this weekend. I hope the week ahead is fantastic to make up for it!