Jul 19, 2010

Week One

One week ago today I dropped my girls off at camp.

Since then I've received 2 notes from each of them. They say that they're missing me. They also say that they're having a blast and that's really good because I am too.

Don't get me wrong, I miss them terribly. But there is something wonderful about waking up in the morning and having nobody to take care of but myself. Nobody needs money for anything and nobody needs to be dropped off anywhere. I just need to get myself where I need to be.

Since they've been gone I've seen a movie, been to the pool, read books and magazines. I've even done something totally shocking - I went to the gym to work out on Sunday morning. Simply shocking!


Of course I'm knitting too. These are one of the 2 pairs of socks that are on the needles right now. Clearly this one has a way to go but there are other projects that are nearing completion. It would seem that all this relaxation is really good for knitting progress.


Carole Knits said...

I think it's important that you enjoy your momcation while they are at camp. Sounds great so far!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Since it has been forever since I was away at camp, how are the girls sending their notes. Is it still old fashioned snail mail or do they have e-mail at camp?

Savor those moments of just caring for yourself. You deserve the break!

Anonymous said...

Momcation. Like that. It's a bit of both pleasures: waiting for the kids to get home but having Momtime.

LeAnn said...

Momcations are great. I have 2 girls - a teen and a tween - and I love them dearly. But sometimes I just get way overloaded with the weight of responsibility. We all need a little "me" time to keep us sane.

Love the colorway of your toe-up sock. I've never done toe-ups.