Jul 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Ways to Enjoy Summer

The past weekend was long and good. It started with a Bat Mitzvah for the daughter of some very close friends. By request, I made a special kippah for the Bat Mizvah girl.


We celebrated the event with a pool party at their home and it was so much fun. It was even more fun the following day when we returned to help them (try to) deplete the amazing amounts of leftover food. Yum!

During the party on Saturday, most of the adults stayed out of the pool. We were too busy eating and drinking... lots of drinking. On Sunday we all got in the pool and a huge water gun fight broke out. I never actually left my perch on the edge of the pool but I got drenched anyway because Miss B, my favorite 3-year-old, was using me for target practice. The funniest part was that she couldn't fill the water gun herself so she'd hand it to me and ask "please fill" and then use it to shoot me again. How could I say no?

So my weekend was full of classic Summer fun - a perfect lead in to today's list "10 Ways to Enjoy Summer."

1. Get wet - in the pool, on the beach, in a sprinkler, with water guns or, water balloons. Get drenched!
2. Have a party - we love to invite everyone we know and party on the deck.
3. Eat lots of good food - more often than not you should include ice cream.
4. Drink up! - Iced tea of course. What'd you think I was talking about?
5. Read a good book - I've already knocked one off my list from last week and I'm well into my second.
6. Knit - It's sooooooo relaxing.
7. Relax with friends - it doesn't always need to be a big party. Just hanging out by the pool with my neighbors can be really nice.
8. Go exploring - See something new. Or something old. This weekend my girls and I will take a quick tour of a "new to us" town on our way to camp. Smal vacations are just as good as big ones.
9. Go to Camp - If you're a kid this is a big one. At this time next week my girls will be away at camp in the mountains in another state. I will be writing letters till my fingers fall off.
10. Relax! - Just chill out and let all the needs, wants, and musts go for a little while.

How will you be enjoying the Summer?


Carole Knits said...

Sounds like a fun time this weekend! Great list, too.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Love your list! And that kippah is beautiful, what a lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

I'm smiling picturing you sitting on the edge of the pool filling up the water pistol so the little one could shoot you. Sounds just like something I would do :-)
Great list!