Jul 22, 2010

Garden Report - July 22

Last weekend I finally had the time to devote a little attention to the garden and see what it's been doing and the answer was - a lot. It wasn't nearly as pathetic as I thought. Here is part of the harvest so far. The corn is a little sad, especially when you compare it to the zucchini. I put the salt shaer in there so that you can see how puny the corn was and how ginormous the zucchini is. I probably ought to have harvested them sooner but zucchini are sneaky little suckers. They hide under big, shady, leaves and you don't even know they're there half the time. This isn't all of it either! I gave another big one to our neighbor right after I clipped it and there are a few more still growing and blossoms too!


There was a bit of an accidental harvest too. I was weeding the garden and unearthed some of our potatoes. There ought to be plenty more where these came from but I want to wait for Stinkette to harvest them. It's kind of her thing. She'll harvest them and insist on making them into her special roasted potatoes for us. Yum! I hope they can wait.


The garden isn't finished yet either. There are 2 kinds of tomatoes growing in planter boxes on the deck. These are bigger and still quite green. The others are smaller and almost ripe. Maybe I'll share them next week.


Our broccoli experiment this year was a fail. It grew and at one point it looked kind of broccoli like but i kept waitig for it to get bigger and instead it went to flower. Oooops! I thought that my brussels sprouts were headed for failure as well and then I saw Margene's garden post which included a shot of her still growing brussels. It occurred to me that I was looking for progress the wrong way. I took a closer look and found these.

Sprouts sprouting

I can't wait to eat home grown sprouts. I'll steam then and they'll be great. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.


Manise said...

Great haul. Most corn grown in small quantities winds up smallish. Your zucchini that big make good soup btw. That's what I've always done with the ones the size of baseball bats.

Carole Knits said...

I think broccoli bolts like that when it gets too hot - not sure there was anything you could have done about that. The first year I grew brussel sprouts I was completely amazed at how they formed!

margene said...

That's a great looking harvest! We've learned that zucchini is good at hiding...we're keeping a keen eye. It might be time to dig around our potato plants, too. We won't bother with broccoli again as it takes too much room for the very small harvest. We're hoping Brussels sprouts are a different story! Enjoy what's to come!

Laurie said...

If you harvest them small, they taste even more wonderful. Good job!