Jun 7, 2006

Blue PS Post 1

Today is a super crazy day for me so this is just a quick post. I started the day by taking the Drama Queen to get her cast off. The kind people at the reception desk there notified me that they used up the last referral in the file for this visit and I’d need another when we come back. As if! I’m hoping that are no more broken bones in my household for at least a few years ever. Anyway, I dropped her off at school just in time for Field Day. She is wisely going to refrain from the tug-o-war so that she doesn’t re-break the thumb. Smart kid!

I fly up to New Jersey in a few hours to do training up there and I don’t get home until late tomorrow night. As I packed last night my thoughtful daughters inquired if I had brought enough yarn with me for the trip. Why, yes, of course. M.M. Cozy is with me as are both of my current sock projects. They know me so well.

Blue Yarn

This past weekend I went searching for yarn to start some Blue Project Spectrum June projects. I found so much that I decided to put it all together for a posting. Some of it has been in the stash for a really long time (that’s my excuse for the fun fur) and there are an alarming number of un-banded balls. Ooops! There are a few things that I really like and I’ll highlight them for you.

In the top left is a seemingly unending cone of Elann Den-M-Nit. I love this stuff and I’ve made a few things from it but as you can see there’s still plenty there. I’ll make a top for Stink from this soon I hope. The black hole immediately to it’s right is the really dark indigo Den-M-Nit – there’s a Debbie Bliss wrap/blanket out there that I had in mind when I bought this. I’ll still make it someday.

In the middle is a ball that ought to be familiar because it’s the Trekking XXL color 108 that’s currently on my needles. In the top right corner is STR in a Lapis(?) I think. It’s kind of hovering over 2 balls of Noro Silk Garden. In the bottom right corner is part of my stash of Berrocco cotton twist in an unknown color.

Finally, up in the top left, next to the cone o’ denim is the Spirit Trail sock yarn that is destined to become a pair of Kristi’s spearfish socks after the current 2 pairs are done. With the mix of blue and purple it will be the perfect transition between June & July.

I have plenty of other blue things to show you but some of it requires window washing so it may be a while.

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Jenny said...

Thank you SO MUCH for the fabulous yarn and green goodies you sent! They are completely awesome. I'm going to have to go get a copy of the Embossed Leaves sock pattern now. I can't believe you got such rich colors out of Wilton's, of all things! And the stitch markers are beautiful - I need to put something on the needles that calls for markers.

I need to clear off a set of needles to swatch this up soon. Thanks again, and I'll go pet the yarn again for a while. :-) -Jenny