Jun 27, 2006

Enjoy the Silence

As I wrote this post I couldn’t get this title to an old Depeche Mode song out of my head. I totally expected to be a basket case this week, and I may have a meltdown yet, but at this point I really am enjoying the silence. There is no fighting or drama in our house with the girls away. I think that one reason I’m doing ok is that I’m pretty sure that, aside from the rain, they’re doing well too.

I was not doing well when we dropped the girls off at the bus on Sunday. I was a weepy, emotional, mess. I watched Stinkerbelle sleep on Saturday night and pondered the color of her hair, the softness of her cheek and the way her chest rises and falls as she sleeps. I worried about whether or not she’d lose it and cry when we put her on the bus. I tried to think of comforting things to say to ease the departure for her. I imagined her waving madly at the window of the bus as I blew kisses back at her. I should’ve known better.

We arrived at the bus stop and checked both of the girls in. Stink made a few new friends before she even got on the bus and couldn’t wait to get on the road. (She also noted that the bus was air conditioned and the parking lot was not – ever the princess.) She waved briefly just to satisfy the lame-o adults in her life and went back to chatting with buddies on the bus. As I watched the bus leave the parking lot I cried. My baby truly is just as strong and independent as I hoped she was.

B and I bought chair rail and lighting last night which we hope to install this evening. Upon returning home we dove into the painting and now that’s mostly done except for a little touch up and detail work. Sadly, painting doesn’t make for really good teaser pictures but tonight we’ll start the crafty stuff. I hope to have good shots of that for tomorrow.

I’ll also be knitting a little tonight. Felicia (who has developed a stash) and her man G are coming over for dinner and project assistance. While my DH and G are installing the chair rails I’ll be checking Felicia’s cables. I’d show you pictures of what I’m working on right now but it’s really just the same old thing. My second Trek sock is moving along quickly as are M.M. Cozy and the U-neck Top.

I’ve signed up for the Sandy’s Saturday Sky. I missed last week but I look forward to future posts. Let’s hope that the weather clears and that future skies are more pleasant that the one that I see right now.


margene said...

The sky picture isn't there but I can imagine. Enjoy your time sans Stinkerbelle. You'll wonder where it went by the time she returns.

Melissa said...

Enjoy your time! But I know you must miss them terribly!!
I can't wait to see the room!