Jun 1, 2006

June Already?

I was hoping to be able to finish my green Embossed Leaves socks last night since it was the end of Project Spectrum’s Green month but that was a little bit od wishful thinking on my part. Oh well. I turned the heel on the second sock and the gussets are nearly finished. I’ll finish tonight instead.

The Trek Along starts today and I’m pretty excited about it. I can Trek on the upcoming Girl Scout canoe trip, at the Fairfax Fair and certainly I’ll have to Trek at Biltmore (yep, I'm going to Asheville, NC in a few weeks). Won’t that be awesome? Our summer plans don’t include a big trip yet but when I figure that out I’ll include some time to Trek. The yarn is ready and waiting at home and I’m still stuck for a pattern. There are many that I’d like to try but they’re all fussy patterns and I’m afraid they’d fight with the yarn. I pulled out my copy of Knitting on the Road last night (another reason the Green EL socks didn’t get finished) and there are some good possibilities in there. I’ll figure it out tonight once my needles are empty again.

I made some stitch markers for my Dye-o-rama pal the other night so I ought to be able to send out the package this weekend. Hooray for that.

P5280868Since I have nothing really exciting to show today on the knitting front, here’s a picture of one of my Stella D’Oro Lilies. They’re planted in the bed across the front of my house and around my mailbox. They’re supposed to bloom all summer long but I’ve never had success at keeping them going. They start with a bang and wind down fast. Any ideas on that?

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margene said...

The flower is beautiful. Can't wait to see your socks both EL and Trekking.