Jun 19, 2006

Father's Day Follies

The plumber was supposed to come “after 2pm” on Friday – and he did. Waaaayyy after 2. My husband came home early and waited … and waited … and waited. Finally, my in-laws arrived and, upon hearing that the plumber could show up as late as 9pm we decided to go to dinner. Can you see where this is going? If you guessed that the plumber called and said that he was 10 minutes away right after I ordered my dinner you’d be correct. I went home and paid a ridiculous amount of money to have the plumber do a repair that, as it turns out, I’m sure I could’ve done myself. Next time I will attempt a diagnosis before calling the plumber. The rest of the family returned home with my dinner just as the plumber was finishing. Did I mention the nearly full glass of wine that I ordered with dinner and never got to drink?

Let’s just say that that dinner was far from the only part of this weekend that could’ve benefited greatly from some alcoholic enhancement. On the positive side, we got a lot done and my in-laws went home early on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon was much better. My dad came over and we all went to the pool for some sun, swimming and relaxation. The knitting came too but I was way too relaxed to accomplish much. I was also at a point in my projects that required thought and the heat made that difficult. After the pool we went home for poker, more relaxation and a BBQ. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I finally settled down last night with my knitting once again and DH asked what happened to my Amazing Lace. Huh? I guess that’s a sure sign of neglect. While on the subject of neglected projects I ought to mention that the project favored with the most attention this weekend was Lindsey’s U-Neck Top. You haven’t seen that one in a while – right? Anyway, I’m into the boring stockinette portion of the front and I’m hoping to get through it quickly. I’d really like it if my child got to wear the sweater this summer and I’m itching to make summery tops for other young-un’s I know too. I’d better get moving though because we’re nearing the end of June. Yikes!

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Melissa said...

Repairmen suck!