Jun 30, 2006

I'm Soooo Not Worthy

Blue PS Postcard

Look at what arrived in the mail for me yesterday! This is the blue Project Spectrum postcard from my pal. Isn’t it fantastic? This is so much more than a postcard – its art and I love it. My apologies to Lois, who made it, because comparatively speaking my postcard was not nearly as fab. I’m so not worthy of this but I’ll take it and appreciate it.

Today my thumbs are sore from assembling and dis-assembling Ik*a furniture most of last night. One of the new pieces is a loft bed (so cool!) that just refused to go together properly. Not only was it horrible to put together but I had to re-do the floor plan to accommodate it. The way I was going to do it would’ve put the ladder right under the ceiling fixture. How many times do you think Stink would’ve bumped her head? Yikes! That would truly have sucked!

I’m happy to say that when I went to bed last night the bed was assembled and most of the big stuff was back in the room. The tile project was grouted too. Tonight we’ll just be reloading the room and trying to restore order in the Drama Queen’s room before they get home tomorrow. It’s going to be a huge push to get it all done.

I need to get to bed as early as possible tonight because I’m still battling a sinus thing and we get to pick the girls up at the bus tomorrow morning at 10am. How early do you think I’ll be there? 7, 8, 9… I may just pitch a tent in the parking lot tonight! I can’t wait to see them. This week without them went fast. It’s probably because the renovation kept us so busy.

Look what’s blooming in my yard now.


margene said...

You postcard is wonderful! I've been waiting by my po box but nothing has arrived as yet.

Melissa said...

That post card is awesome!
I love the flower. Congrts on getting your babies back soon!

micah said...

That is a beautiful card — this isn't meant to be offensive, and I hope the creator doesn't take it as such, but it looks like a more beautiful version of the shower curtains in the girls' bathroom, no?