Jul 1, 2006

Saturday Sky 1

Saturday Sky 7-1-06
This is the sky as I saw it here in Northern Virginia just a few minutes ago. After a week of rain it’s so wonderful to have a bright sunny day like this.

My girls returned from camp this morning and the noise level in my house rose immediately. Right now I’m running everything they brought to camp through the washer. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt it necessary to use the “Super Wash” setting. There stuff is just that dirty. The mud has melded with the fabric in ways I’ve never seen before.

Daria’s room got finished late Friday night and she loves it! More on that to come.


JennyRaye said...

Ugh...I can almost smell the moldy, mildewy camp clothes smell. Yuck! I'll be dealing with it next month. Good luck in getting all the cooties out.

Dorothy said...

Amazing how the peace and quiet can be shattered so fast. Camp, so fun. Washing heavy duty camp dirt out, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh --- the pleasures of motherhood! These are the good times, and they are too soon gone.(lavender scented fabric softener please)