Jul 18, 2006


I was log cabining again last night. I am loving this project. I’m also moving right along so by the end of the week I will probably be ready to show it off again. It’s growing so fast!

The downside to working on the Log Cabin Blanket is that the yarn is much thicker than what I’m using for Seraphim, so when I switch from the blanket to the shawl it feels weird and throws me off. It just isn’t working for me. Tonight I’ll try to work on Seraphim first and see if that’s better.

Knit kit 1 I really don’t have any exciting knitting progress to show you today so I’ll show a little purple in honor of project Spectrum. The first item is a case from a Cl*n*que bonus that, until recently, held my travel knit kit. A recent bonus provided an even better case – a little smaller with a floral pattern on it. I am a bit of a slave to the Cl*n*que bonuses but it’s kind of hard to say why since I eBay a lot of what comes in them. I also don’t wear a lot of makeup but I guess I like to think that someday I’ll become a glamour gal and when that day comes I’ll be ready.

African Violets The second shot is of my African violets. Actually I bought these for Stinkerbelle but, prior to the recent renovation, she didn’t have a good place to keep them in her room so I put them in my kitchen and I’ve been doing my best not to kill them. Before I had children I had a house filled with plants including many African violets. I love them but they can be difficult and I’m not terribly consistent or knowledgeable with my plants. Plants in our house are required to survive with the care/neglect that I deem appropriate.

I took several other pictures of purple but they were all in Stink’s room so, really, they’re more about her purple than mine and therefore not really blog fodder.

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