Jul 17, 2006

Stink's Log Cabin

It seems like, lately, every time I finish a project, I feel compelled to start many more. It doesn’t matter how many UFO’s are already on the needles. I must start more. Often I need to start many more all at once. Heaven forbid there should be a naked pair of needles in the house. Even then - I can still buy more needles.

After finishing the U-Neck Top for the Drama Queen, I asked Stinkerbelle what kind of sweater she’d like me to make for her. She said that she didn’t want a sweater. This was surprising to me since she wore the other 2 that I made for her a lot. In fact she was reluctant to give them up. She still wears one of them although it’s too short to go out of the house now.

Anyway, I asked what I could make for her and she requested a blanket. Actually she said that she wants a blanket to remind her of me after I’m gone. Sweet thought. I assured her that I’m not going anywhere soon but I still agreed to make a blanket for her. Even as I spoke the wheels were turning in my head. I was hearing a steady drumbeat – log cabin, log cabin, log cabin… I just had to obey.

Saturday we went to the AC Moore and stood in front of the selection of Sugar & Crème yarn. Stink picked the colors that she wanted and I started knitting. Here is the beginning of the blanket. I don’t know how big it’ll get but I can say that there are 9 colors (aside from the center) and I have 3 balls of each. She just wants it to be as big as the baby blankie she sleeps with but I think I’ll keep going until I run out of one of the colors or needle space or I just get bored of it.

7 and the Ragged Yarn

This is so addictive. Since I took the picture I added another strip before putting it down to work on Seraphim.


margene said...

I hope to start a LC blanket soon but I really must get some other things done first!!

Elspeth said...

It looks great! I just may have to start my own!

Sly said...

I am working on a Log Cabin, too. I want to make it into a rectangle blanket.

Just curious how you are going to finish yours? Will it be a square?
Sandy in San Jose, CA

Heather said...

Great pictures on your blog! I'm visiting becuse of the TAL Pit-Stop, but I'm glad I came by! That basket of purple yarn is YUMMY! I may have to cast on for the messenger bag I've been meaning to start since PS has chosen purple for this month!

Regarding the sweater Stink wears even though it is too small - my sister wore a sweater made for her by our grandmother when she was about 4-5 UNTIL SHE WAS A TEENAGER! Eventually she only wore it around the house, but she loved it so much she still has it. And now that 3/4 sleeves are back "in" again, she's considered wearing it as a sweater in the A/C in her office!!! Look out!!!!