Jul 15, 2006

Saturday Sky 7-15-06

Here is my Saturday sky. It's grey and hazy looking. The lack of sun to mitigate the heat and humidity coupled with the threat of rain are the perfect inducement to getting me to do my errands today. We'll do a little shopping and visit my dad before going to see a movie this evening. (Cars I think)

Saturday Sky 7-15-06

D gets her white belt We do have a little bit of god news to report though. Stink tested again last night and got a new belt. Now she's a white stripe. Super!

Have a great day and please send sunny vibes my way. With any luck I'll be sunning and swimming with Stinkette tomorrow.

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Lynne said...

Your Saturday sky looked like our Sunday sky! Except ours was not hot - it was hmm, in the 50s I guess (about 12C).
I used to work in the head office of (by Australian standards) a large company. Only women with dark hair could dye their hair odd colours (pink or red are most common). Now that I am happily unemployed, I can dye my hair weird and wonderful colours. Huzzah!