Jul 27, 2006


Squish sockAs promised, here is the first Squishy Purple sock. I started it on Saturday (while I got my toes done – ahhhh) using my new love – the Turkish cast on. I’m finding this super-easy method to be very freeing in my sock knitting. I pick a number to start with – increase until I have achieved the right size – and away I go. Easy as pie! How did I not figure this out earlier? All I can say is that eventually things have a way of clicking and sometimes, the click is more like a huge clap of thunder that rocks you to the core and changes everything.

Squish sock detail This is a detail of the leg. I wanted to show off how well the pattern turned out. I agonized over what to do because I was so afraid that the texture of the yarn would mask any pattern I used. As you can see that just isn’t the case. There are certainly changes I’d make to the pattern if I did it again - like eliminating some of the yarn-overs where I transition from the pattern to the rib – but mostly I’m happy. Stink is too and that’s the most important thing. My girls wear Keens (super cool shoes) year round and I suspect that these will be perfect with them. If all goes well and I remain focused, this pair of socks will be finished on Saturday which would make them my fastest pair ever.

purple office suppliesMDS&W shirt

We’re nearing the end of July so here are two more purple shots. I couldn’t finish without showing the new stash of purple office supplies that hubbo recently scored for me. You may recall that I have a thing for purple pens. Naturally I use them with purple steno pads. Perfect! I’m sure that many of you will recognize the logo on the t-shirt. I waited on line for an hour at Maryland Sheep and Wool to get this shirt. I do love it though and I wore it when I did my recent Asheville yarn crawl and one of the women working at Earth Guild commented on it and how she wished she got one. She said that by the time she got to the counter all the best colors were gone. I suppose that hour on line was well spent.


Melissa said...

Great socks! I should really learn the Turkish cast on!

Lolly said...

Can you believe it? Purple is almost gone... this month totally flew by!

The purple sock is a beauty!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Those are some great socks, Hillary!

Anonymous said...

Nice socks! Purple...how I love thee and now the month is at the end...what will we do!?

trek said...

The Caribbean Jaywalker is Regia Stretch Crazy Colors - 116.

Elspeth said...

I love the sock! One of these days I'll be able to go to MDSW and get my own shirt!